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In the Shadow’s Reflection

Creation by Olivier Massot and Fabrice Lauterjung

Mini DV film, Color, 1h40, 2009

Music : Olivier Massot

Interpreted by Le Quatuor Johannes

Production : Musée des confluences, Lyon


This work was commissioned by the Musée des Confluences in Lyon in partnership with the Planetarium of Vaulx-en-Velin for a conference on exobiology. One at a time, scientists speak onstage, expounding viewpoints and analyses. Their talks are interspersed with three musical moments played by a string quartet. The music unfolds in search of a motif, and gradually fuses with the short film sequences being projected. On a second screen, like a continuous décor-in-motion, a film depicts an attempt to solve a puzzle. The first pieces are placed. Hands falter, start over, rectify… The image gradually takes shape before our eyes.

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