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Shadow of an Echo

Super-8 film digitized, Color and black-and-white, 13 min, 2007

Reader : Rosa Borges

Dancers : Marine Brothier-Macarios, Marion Jacquemet

Music : Jean-Michel Pirollet

Coproduction : Cité des Arts, Chambéry


Two young women (professional dancers), discover by the use of their hands, the open, gaping, empty surface of a musical instrument case, and the hollow form of its vacant instrument. The recollection of this tactile experience gave way to a speech, which in turn was transcribed in Braille and then read by a young, blind woman. The film articulates itself around the moment when the hands explore the case, to the voice of the young, blind woman reading the text in Braille. The background music consists of the stuttering ejaculations of a musical score (played by a saxophone).

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