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Berlin : Crossing

Super-8 film digitized, Color and black-and-white, 10 min, 2005


A landscape passes by, filmed in Super 8, the image vacillates between black and white and colour, revealing streets and then buildings. The setting, Berlin. The film, a meander in what seems to be an aimless progression, with no preestablished route and moving in fits and starts. A text appears, inscribed in white lettering, it scrolls upwards; it tells the story of a narrator, who, living in the west of Berlin, communicated using bodily gestures to a man living opposite, but whose building was situated in the east, on the other side of the wall. 
A formal counterpoint to the Super 8’s logorrhoea, both text and image act against each other; the text becomes an obstacle, passing in front of the image like a wall, it induces the spectator’s imagination. 

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